This is the internet home of Sarah Nason (me!). I am a wildlife biologist from Alberta, Canada who has also been called a science gardener, a wilderdude, really short, and a rodent discovery technician. Apart from frolicking with animals for science, I have a problem with liking too many other things including writing, photography, podcasting and art. This is my clumsy attempt to cobble all those interests into one place.

I currently work as the Communications Coordinator for CPAWS Northern Alberta. I am also self-employed as a science communicator for my own business, Wapiti Studios. I completed my MSc Biology in the Department of Biological Sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal. My MSc thesis work focused on applying evolutionary theory to conservation practice inside zoos and aquariums. My background is broadly in ecology, evolutionary biology, and conservation.

I am currently seeking to apply my skills to new opportunities in the fields of science communication (primarily writing and illustration) and wildlife conservation (including conservation advocacy and research). Please feel free to contact me (sarah.e.nason[at]gmail.com) if you would like to chat. I love hearing about anything that is going on in these areas, and I try my best to collaborate or contribute in any way I can!

Sarah’s old/other projects:

  • I was the content manager for Le Beagle, the student blog for the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science;
  • I co-hosted The Friendly Podcast with Shrinkhala Dawadi;
  • My photography is on flickr;
  • And my old ramblings about my travels in New Zealand are at SARNASNZ!