An Unhealthy Obsession with Foxes

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Whenever I draw anything lately it ends up being foxes?

fox nap


Maybe this is all part of my journey to find a very specific niche of art that needs to be filled: lupine cartoons. Oh, who am I kidding, for all your cute animal doodle needs you needn’t look any further than Louie Zong, whose adorable style has definitely inspired me to learn how to harness the power of Photoshop!

New art, projects, posts, and photos (hopefully not all about foxes) will all be coming up in the future here, just a bit infrequently as I jump back feet first into the hot pan of chaos that is grad school this September. I think I mixed about three different metaphors there but you get me. Talk soon, pals!

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I am a wildlife biologist from Alberta, Canada who has also been called a science gardener, a wilderdude, really short, and a rodent discovery technician. Apart from frolicking with animals for science, I have a problem with liking too many other things including writing, photography, and art.

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