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Hey world! Remember me? I used to curate this blog? I used to seem to exist? I am but now an ethereal wisp of an internet presence?

In truth, I have been working on like, 5 different posts over the last two months, but none have yet reached publishing perfection. But be on yo toes, because things are coming! Things relevant to trending buzz words like…wizards. Feminine hygiene. Bilingualism. You know, everything you want to stay appraised of in this modern life of over-abundant information and content. Sometimes you just feel overwhelmed, and you’re like, can someone please give me the wizard update though. Don’t worry, I’m here, and I understand you.

In the meantime though, listen to a podcast that I like, why don’t you? In fact, it’s a podcast that WILL keep you appraised of the wizard-relevant goings-on of the world, for it is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Before you say NERD and throw my glasses on the ground, allow me some exposition: there’s a wizard named after a Mexican food item who wields an umbrella as his main weapon. There’s super excellent video-game style music that will get stuck in your head and make you want to figure out how to use Garage Band so you too can find your calling as a secretly talented niche music genre producer. There’s a semi-corporeal unicorn named Garyl (half Gary, half Darryl) who sounds like the coolest goddamn cat you ever wished you were friends with. And much more.

To do an actual description of this show: it’s a live-action ongoing Dungeons and Dragons saga played out by three brothers and their dad called The Adventure Zone. If you’re not sold on that (which, honestly, I was, but I am easily swayed by all things nerdy), may I also add that it is full of hilarious absurdist situations, excellent comedy, seriously good-quality and highly creative story-telling, badass music (already mentioned but y’all can hear it again), and well-developed loveable characters. Just give it a try, I swear you’ll become addicted! I will add a disclaimer, however, that if you’re going back to the beginning the very first episode is a bit difficult to get through (it’s long, just setting up the characters/rules of D&D, not much plot happens, etc) so you may just want to skip to the second episode and pick up that “setting the stage” information as you listen to further episodes.

Wow, I wrote a lot more about that than I expected. Anyhoo, go take a listen! And I shall return to you soon (hopefully) with blog posts of actual substance. Cheerio!


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I am a wildlife biologist from Alberta, Canada who has also been called a science gardener, a wilderdude, really short, and a rodent discovery technician. Apart from frolicking with animals for science, I have a problem with liking too many other things including writing, photography, and art.

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