Month: July 2016

I Caribou-t You, Caribou

Disclaimer: credit for this punny blog title goes to the excellent like-mindedly pun-focused Naomi Louchouarn, who actually works on caribou with¬†Yellowstone to Yukon. The caribou. I think Michael Mitchell put it best when he said: Any Canadian child of the 90s better know what I’m […]

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Mountains, Squirrels, and PIKAS

The travel bug really is a disease and you can only stave it off so long, before you run off to the mountains due to literal¬†cabin fever. (See what I did there? Oh me.) After my travels in New Zealand I found myself prohibitively broke […]

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Lovely New Podcast

I started listening to the new CBC podcast Love Me and man does it ever get you in the feels. I love the breadth of the types of relationships that is taken on in this podcast: episodes range from a story of a romantic relationship fostered […]

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