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Ever look at your room/house/life and wonder “wow, how did this get so messy?” Well, that’s what happened to me with the internet. Over time, much like a home lived in for too long, the internet has accumulated bits and pieces of me. Several travel blogs, a facebook page here, a flickr page of photos there, an instagram account, a 100% neglected twitter account, a LinkedIn profile, a budding podcast in arrested development, I think I even have a tumblr? Finally, after concluding my third blog, I decided that the madness had to be stopped. What is to separate me from the animals? Order must be established. There must be a way to consolidate all the random shit of varying quality I’ve decided to share with you all via technological tubules (that’s how the internet works, right?). Thus, I created for myself an all-encompassing internet home: this website. Pretty much an over-encumbered, tricked out blog where I can put up just about anything I think worth sharing without entering the social media fray.

While I do plan to share a lot of my work here (whether that’s my art, photography, or science), it is also a place for me to write about my travel experiences and share any philosophizing I might feel like doing. I would like this site to be able to exist in the grey area between being professional and personal, which is unfortunately a thin line to walk, but for clarity’s sake I’ll be clear in stating that this page sits on the personal side of the spectrum. Because expressing your personality and thoughts on the internet can be risky business when you have to consider the politics of career-building. An interesting struggle for Millenials and one I think the professional world is still trying to sort out: what is OK to say on the internet and where is it OK? While in principle I think most people would agree that you shouldn’t be accosted in the workplace for what you say on your twitter feed, when legitimately concerning information is shared over social media the lines certainly get blurred. And on a different level, it’s also just a personal issue: you have to consider the fact that people can just google your name and read whatever they find. If you end up representing a political party or a company or an institution in your career, how much are you OK with people being able to find?

Oh internet, you gamechanger you.

Aaaaaand I think that’s pretty representative of what these “Thoughts” blog posts are going to be like: half-baked philosophical rants that don’t end up having any strong or influential conclusions. You know, stuff I can be proud of.

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I am a wildlife biologist from Alberta, Canada who has also been called a science gardener, a wilderdude, really short, and a rodent discovery technician. Apart from frolicking with animals for science, I have a problem with liking too many other things including writing, photography, and art.

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